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Do you need to put your relevant brand message in front of your potential customers?

We let you do it with our outbound email marketing services. Our outbound email marketers work with your inbound marketing team. At Custics, we inform your leads and delight them.
We understand that due to the shift in the buying pattern and purchase decision, we rely on both outbound and inbound marketing tactics.

Modern consumers like to know the story

Where does the product come from?
How does the product benefit them?
How do they choose the right one?

What We Do For You

Opt in Email

Customize your email marketing templates

Test your email campaign

Track your email marketing campaign

An opt-in email list refers to an array of email lists with details that your subscribers have provided. These subscribers are aware of receiving newsletters and mass emails from you. Our professional marketers will work with you and assist you in signing up with the opt-in email forms. We may use different platforms to create the list. Moreover, we add new opt-ins when you need to deal with a new email campaign.

We help you with a personalized solution to make your email marketing campaign. Based on your needs and goals, we write the tailored content for your promotional email. Our professionals are carefully analyzing the content design to add better value to your brand. Our custom email content will also increase the engagement rate.
As we deal with a targeted email campaign, your subscribers will receive highly relevant messages. In every email, they will find their name, preferred products, and the latest offers from your company.
However, we think that competitor research is vital for custom campaign solutions. Your competitors may also send emails to your potential customers. That is why we try to make your email content unique and attractive. Our intensive research enables us to create custom email marketing strategies. You will find better results from this campaign.

We work hard to launch your email marketing campaign. However, we also think it to be essential to test the campaign. What will your email recipients do when they click on your link and find it an irrelevant product offer? There may also be the broken link problems.
Our email campaign testing is effective in creating a user journey map. Moreover, we can segment buyers based on their persona. We also deal with language localization for multilingual sites.
Our professionals have learned the split testing methods to analyze your emails’ dates, subject lines, time, offers, and other details. Our team applies the most effective techniques to understand your campaign performance.

We analyze every email campaign performance to help you in gaining the highest ROI. We will also provide you with a detailed report about the campaign. Our team uses Google Analytics and other versatile tools to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. We choose premium automated software to find accurate data about your email campaign.
At Custics, our team knows that your time is a precious resource. Thus, you must not waste it while dealing with complicated email platforms. Our outbound email marketers ensure zero bounce rate. We help you to win more customers by converting your leads. Moreover, you will find a higher customer retention rate due to our consistent email marketing campaign. Team up with us and get the best value. Our automated campaign will save time and effort. Hire our professionals to start your outbound email marketing campaign.

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With our marketing techniques and innovative technologies, you can reach your target audiences. Our successful marketers will distribute personalized content via email. Your target audience will receive the most valuable message from your company.