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Have you already taken your digital marketing initiatives for your business?

However, until you track the campaign, you cannot ensure the success of your effort. To have analytical data about your website and mobile, Google Data Analytics is the ultimate solution. You will learn about your customers’ behaviors from interpreting the data.
At Custics, we are one of the prominent Google Analytics consultants helping you to make the most informed decision. Our certified team will also enable you to make the proper implementation of Google Data Analytics. We consult you to make the best use of the tool.

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Why to use Data Analytics for your business?


The free tool Google Data Analytics can provide you with valuable data. It works similarly to that of other premium tools.


Easy to integrate Google Ads

Google Analytics and Ads- both tools are important for your marketing campaign. We help you in linking them for better conversion tracking. Make your ad campaign effective with our integration effort.


Track conversions

Using Google Data Analytics, you may track conversion rates on your site. You will learn about the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Customer segmentation

 Using Google Analytics, you can categorize   visitors in different ways, like-
• The device chosen
• Location
• Gender
• Demographics


Identify your goals

It becomes easy to set up goals and synchronize them with your marketing needs. For instance, you can measure the goal of getting the desired number of clicks on your site.


Real-time reports

The dynamic reports get automatically updated. Based on time, date, and users, you may filter reports.


How do we work for you?

We have Google Analytics professionals who will consult with you to know about your business needs. We also try to obtain the website-related data to align it with your goals. Our team creates a perfect strategy before dealing with your Google Analytics. Also, we apply a time-tested method by doing intensive research on your industry. It assists us in providing the best outcome from the analytical process.

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Our Data Analytics Consulting team helps you with a range of services

Google Analytics setup on your websites

Customized goal setup

Report on the repeated visits and bounce rates

Audience segmentation

Monthly reports delivery via email

Analysis of conversion funnels

Social media integration

Configuration for custom alerts and notifications

Insights on geo-profiling and user location

Website optimization intelligence reports

Why choose us for Google Data Analytics?

Rely on our team and leverage benefits from our Google Data Analytics services. From Analytics implementation to data interpretation. You like to drive your marketing campaign by data. Thus, our Data Analytics services will be of high value to your business.

♦We like to dig deep into the most insightful data generated by Google data Analytics reports. Moreover, we provide the best recommendations based on the interpreted data. We will find a better way of converting the current traffic into customers

♦You can filter through different data segments to have business-critical insights.


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