Listen to all type of data

To improve satisfaction || To reduce cost to serve || To grow revenues

How to do that ?


Listen to your customers

Connect to all the customers
data sources to extend the
scope as broad as possible.

Analyse in-depth

Leverage all the power of
analytics to identify strengths
weaknesses, risks, opportunities.

Make the right decision

Prioritize actions based on
their impacts to ensure
your operational effectiveness.
What we do ?


The customer analytics marketplace

The market tools

Depending on your project
we'll select the tools
best suited to your needs.

Experts community

At the start of the project
a team is set up with at least
a Consultant & a Data Scientist.

Tailor-made service

A Proof Of Concept to see
a prototype to test or
your solution in production
What for?

.What for?

These use cases are intended to help frame thinking. Remember the sky's the limit.

Customer segmentation

How to effectively segment your customer base?

Customer Journey

What are the lessons learned of a customer journey?

Customer Service

How to turn the cost center into a profit center?

Voice of Customer

Our customers, what do they expect of us?

Outbound Marketing

What is the most efficient model for our Marketing campaigns?

Next Best Action

What is the best segmented or differentiated customer strategy?

How much does it cost?

.How much?

One might say Pay as you grow but we prefer Pay if you grow. Now, your success is our success.

Proof Of Concept

  • Descriptive analysis
  • based on a representative dataset
  • Data Analyst
  • Interface demonstration
  • 1st insights within a few days
  • Here are some usecases!


  • Desktop tools
  • 100 Gb of customer data
  • Data Analyst and Consultant
  • Discovery report
  • A 6 to 8 weeks project
  • Only one single payment

In production

  • Cloud tools
  • 1 Tb of customer data
  • Data Analyst and Consultant
  • Recommendations and support
  • 2md per month to assist you
  • Revenue-sharing to define
Custics, the data science as a service

Apply for a proof of concept!